Dental Care

We provide a wide range of cosmetic and advanced treatments for the whole family.

Private Dental Care

We provide a wide range of cosmetic and advanced treatments for the whole family.

Our Private Treatments

We’re committed to providing the very best dental care for our patients, using some of the latest technology to provide you with a high-quality, yet affordable experience.

Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

We are particularly concerned to work with you to help prevent problems in the first place. We will ask you details about your health and lifestyle which will help us to give you the best advice with regard to diet and fluoride and the best oral healthcare techniques for you. Our dental therapists have the latest air-polishing equipment to help you gain a gleaming smile and leave your mouth feeling amazingly fresh.

Cosmetic Dentistry

All of our dentists have experience in cosmetic dentistry. In virtually all circumstances we can offer you tooth coloured options to restore your teeth if you prefer this to metal fillings and crowns. Your teeth can be remodeled to hide gaps or blemishes either with directly bonded tooth-coloured composite material or thin laboratory constructed porcelain veneers depending on circumstances.


In addition to metal alloy based crowns we can offer you various types of all-ceramic and composite material crowns which are specially bonded to your tooth. Without an opaque metal core they offer significant cosmetic advantages as they allow light transmission just like a natural tooth, and do not have the dark neck often seen with metal based crowns.


Depending upon circumstances missing teeth can be replaced by bridges supported on 'wings' bonded onto the back of adjacent teeth or on 'crowns' fitted to the adjacent teeth after preparation.


We can replace missing teeth with plastic or metal-based dentures. Partial dentures can have increased retention with clasps around remaining teeth and we can even make these out of injection formed tooth-coloured resin to make them inconspicuous.

Sedation (referral only)


The dentists at the practice are experienced in assessing orthodontic conditions and can offer treatment for straightforward cases. More complex cases ideally require treatment with a specialist and we can arrange to refer you if necessary. (Fixed braces are referral only)

Tooth Whitening

We are experienced in the latest tooth-whitening techniques and would be pleased to discuss this option with you.

Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguards

We frequently see patients of all ages who have suffered fractured or loose teeth as a result of a sporting accident. In almost every case the damage could have been prevented or reduced with the use of a custom fitted mouth guard. We can take a special impression so these can be made in a wide range of colours including multi-coloured stripes and special effects. With a custom made mouth guard it is individually shaped for the wearer's mouth, and a uniform thickness to ensure you can tolerate the mouth guard and play hard!